Incoming Research Fellowship Programme - Armenia
Application Submission Deadline: August 5th 2022, at 18:00 Armenia time (UTC+4)

Project Application for Fellowship Programs
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Call Text in English for the project CARIN
Call Text in English for the project LAURIK

1. Project General Information
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Keywords: *

2. Principal Investigator (PI)
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Year of birth: *
Current Workplace: *
Position: *
PhD Degree Earned: *
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3. Project Proposal Information
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Fellowship Type: *
Abstract: *
Project's Foreign Collaborator: *
Project's Foreign Collaborator research institution: *
Number of Project's Participants: *
Project's Consultant (LAURIK): **
Project's Consultant Research Institution (LAURIK): **
Duration: 36+24 month
Project Type: *
Requested Budget (AMD): *

4. Attachments
PI's CV: *
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Project's Foreign Collaborator's CV: *
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Project's Consultant's CV
(LAURIK): **

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Budget: * Please Download and use Budget Template

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Host Institution Capacity Form: *
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Project's Foreign Collaborator Declaration: *
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Abstract for General Public: *
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PI's PhD Diploma: *
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* - mandatory fields
** - mandatory fields if "Fellowship Type" choosed "Treshold 1 (LAURIK)"